BPA Free Leak Proof Thermos & Bottles for Kids & Babies

So, my youngest daughter just turned one and we’re trying to get her to drink milk. .  let me tell you how excited we finally are to get her off the formula! Initially, she was not having it. It was cold, tasted different than her Enfamil formula she’s been drinking for a YEAR and she was not drinking nearly enough.

My friends introduced us to the FOOGO.

Thermos Foogo Phases Stainless Stell Straw Bottle 10 oz. - Blue. $14.99 @ Babies R Us

This keeps the milk cold (relatively) and is leak proof (when the lid is closed) and teaches your kids how to use a straw which is nice. So far, Madeline likes it.  She’s still not drinking as much milk as she needs to so we are still using bottles as well. (More on that in a sec.) It also comes in PINK for girls. This one is a slightly different model: Foogo Phases 11 oz Leak-Proof Tritan Plastic Straw Bottle with Lid, Pink and is only $6.88 online at Walmart.com.

And they have ones with Disney Princesses and Mickey and Minnie Mouse for older kids:

So, if you are looking for a good travel thermos for your 1 year old or kids, try this one! I’d say it’s definitely worth the $15 investment.


The BPA free craze started after I had my first daughter, so with her we just used good ole regular plastic bottles: Avent, Dr. Browns and I think we even tried Playtex vent air bottles. We heated up her bottles – like all first time parents who don’t know what the heck they are doing DO – even carried around a thermos of hot water to heat up the bottle when we were out and about. .  I also think at one point my husband bought a travel bottle warmer that had a car charger and you wrapped it around the bottle; anyway, it was a complete waste of money.

So, with our second daughter we knew we did not want to start with heating up the formula thing, so my mom (God love her) got her used to room temperature formula which made everything much easier.  With Madeline, we tried out a few but pretty much just used AVENT BPA-FREE bottles. I like AVENT because there aren’t 17 different pieces, which makes cleaning much easier HOWEVER these bottles started leaking all the time . . it could have been because I sterilized the bottles too much and warped them :/ but regardless, it became a huge hassle and pissed me off every time they would leak. Now that she is drinking milk, and I want to make sure she’s drinking enough, I will either have to find a bottle that works or switch her over to sippy cups 100%.

If you are looking for bottles, I recommend BornFree:

$44.90 for 6 bottles. Can be found just about anywhere.

Here’s a better look at the bottles. I LOVED these and never had a leak problem:

If you’re on a budget, I would recommend trying these bottles if your kid takes to them:

Parent's Choice Bottles from Walmart; only $2.98 for three!

OR a lot of moms enjoy the Playtex Drop-Ins:

  • Playtex Drop-Ins System features pre-sterilized, disposable liners that collapse as a baby feeds so no air gets into the milk
  • This system is supposed to help reduce gas, colic, spitting up and support baby’s natural feeding rhythm
  • This system is similar to the natural sucking, swallowing, and breathing patterns of breastfeeding
  • When feeding time is through, simply dispose of the liner – no clean up necessary
  • BPA free

Playtex - Premium Decorated Nurser Bottle Gift Set, BPA Free. $29.98 online at Walmart.com

Whatever brand you decide to use, make sure you test out several nipples (if needed) to find one your baby enjoys!


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