Conquering Indian Food . .

I’m Korean-American, but I’m the only Korean I know who can’t handle spicy. .  I didn’t eat kimchee until I was in college.  . and I was surrounded by Korean food (my dad had a few restaurants while I was growing up). I still can’t handle cham-pong (a Korean spicy seafood noodle dish) but I LOVE Korean food. .  Anyway, while living in Los Angeles, I discovered Indian food. .  the rice, curries and breads. . love it. I guess I never wanted to try it because people always told me it was spicy. But I love the fact that Indian food is so distinctive and all the spices. . I think I was either watching a cooking show or reading an Indian food recipe when I was first introduced to cardamom. Now, so many people use it in all kinds of ways and food and even desserts!

So, one day soon, I hope to conquer my fear and attempt to make an Indian food dish. Do you have one that you recommend?

I’m looking for a good chicken curry recipe. .  In the meantime, maybe I’ll start watching the Spice Goddess on the Cooking Channel 🙂


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