Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas!

Every year I tell myself this will be the year that I channel my inner “Martha Stewart” and become my own party planner/decorator/events coordinator/party hostess extraordinaire! HA! I always seem to take the easy way out and book one of the gyms, order some pizza and let the kids run wild (which isn’t bad either!).

So, we recently moved to WA, my daughter is turning 5 and this time, we aren’t inviting her entire class so this will be the year that I can plan a somewhat intimate/charming little birthday party for her! The May issue of PARENTS magazine definitely inspired me. .

Here are some more ideas from Parents Mag if you are thinking of throwing a party at your home:

super cute idea!

I ordered a ton of stuff from and will attempt to make my own pompoms!

I might even attempt to make my own flag garlands but we’ll see.  . will post pics of the actual party in May! Praying it does not rain!!! 😛

For more beautiful, super charming and cute ideas, shop Etsy! There are sooo many adorable things here. I was admiring “A Stitch of Vintage”‘s shop:

Beautiful Vintage Fabric Flag Garland/Bunting

See you again in May for actual photos from my daughter’s party! Go moms!


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