One Lovely Blog Award!

The very sweet and kind Fae from Fae’s Twist & Tango recently honoured me with the One Lovely Blog Award.

It is an award bestowed by fellow bloggers, and when received you are to list 7 random facts about yourself and then name 7 bloggers you want to pass the award to. .  so here goes!

7 Random Facts About Alice (aka Hip Foodie Mom):

  1. I used to hate and always avoided cilantro. Now, I absolutely love the smell and can’t get enough of it!
  2. Seven years ago, I re-connected with my (now) husband through Yes, it works.
  3. I am a middle child and do not suffer from middle child syndrome. .  at all.
  4. When I was a kid, I got an award for being the most lady-like. .  I’m still a lady but have a little gangsta and ghetto in me as well!
  5. I’m older than I look. .  I’m Asian. .  but also a woman so don’t ask me how old I am! 😛
  6. Growing up, I absolutely loved being in the sun and always had a bad ass tan. Now, not so much! The sun is no longer my friend, I never lay out anymore and always wear my spf.
  7. I have no idea how to apply eye make-up so I usually just don’t wear it. I have mad respect for people who know how to.

7 Blogs I love & can’t get enough of!

  1. Shira’s In Pursuit of More (Love this blog. A blog with a purpose yo!)
  2. Thanh’s Eat Little Bird (beautiful, beautiful blog. . )
  3. Stephanie at A Modern Christian Woman (love that Stephanie is budget conscious)
  4. Caroline at The Patterned Plate (another beautiful blog!)
  5. Gotta Get Baked (what’s your name? I love how you write and I think you are hilarious!)
  6. Gina at Skinny Taste (great recipes and watches the calories!)
  7. Elizabeth at Food Follower 7 (Good, practical food. I am a recent follower and am really enjoying this blog!)


Hope you guys keep this going! 🙂 Peace out,

Alice (Hip Foodie Mom)





4 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

    • Also… I enjoyed reading your 7 facts and the way you have presented the awards. I learned and I will apply for the next time. You are a delightful “Lady”… an award well deserved! :))))))

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