About Alice . . .

Growing up, my family was always cooking, my mom, my dad, my brother. . food was definitely a family affair. My parents both worked full-time so we rarely ate dinner together as a family on the week nights but we almost always ate Sunday breakfast, lunch & dinner together. My dad taught us to always clean off our plates and “not waste food.” This is probably why I was a very chubby (ok, fat) kid. I never really enjoyed cooking until after I got married. . needed to expand my culinary repertoire (or lack thereof) so I started collecting recipes from all these cooking magazines I had and just started cooking. Now, I love it. I’m definitely still learning. .

Am I gourmet? No. Am I 100% organic? No, can’t afford to be. But am I cooking healthy & tasty food for my family? Yes. My daughter is 5 and asks for buckwheat noodles and orzo. . does she still eat chicken nuggets and french fries? heck yeah she does.

Just trying to share some good recipes, expand & broaden my culinary skills and feed my family and friends- Hope you enjoy! Now, you get cookin’.








9 thoughts on “About Alice . . .

  1. hi, alice! so excited that we can connect through our blogs! 😉 i am definitely going to try out your recipes and learn from you!

  2. So glad to see that other children can eat healthy, delicious ‘adult’ food. My hope…when I have children…is that they will not be afraid to try new things, and develop healthy eating skills. Keep up the great work, they will love you for it.

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